Who We Are


Green Crusader is an Edmonton based enterprise with a sustainability face. It provides green marketing and sustainability consultancy services with affiliations to environmental service providers and environmental groups across the world such as Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa and Global Environmental and Sustainability Standards (GES).

Green Crusader does not just help organizations to build and market their sustainability successes, but, build a green legacy for organizations, share their green stories in the most credible, interesting, exciting and trustworthy way to stamp the organization’s sustainability leadership mark in its industry.


Green Crusader is a sustainability consultant with green marketing and sustainability building expertise, committed to foster a hands-on approach to sustainability. On a professional note, Green Crusader is a member of the UK Energy Institute, Eco Canada Environmental Practitioner, and Columnist for Edmonton Business Talk WeBA Magazine’s Green Business Column, founder of Green Shopper Expo, Green School and Green Business Programs.

Green Crusader’s sustainability expertise, green marketing, communication and sustainability engagement skills are reflected in the design and implementation of Green Shopper Expo, Green School and Business Programs. On a policy front, Green Crusader is skilled in designing and implementing strategies and policies to address climate change and develop a clear agenda on how to reduce significant greenhouse gas emissions, set targets, engage staff, convert carbon savings to carbon credits and comply with existing and upcoming legislation, policies, report and share experiences.

Climate change publications and Presentations

  • “Reduction in GHG Emissions and Generation of Tradable Carbon Credits through Oxyfuel Combustion Enhancement”, presented to the UK Energy Institute conference on energy on 4th February 2010.
  • B.L.K. W. Balasooriya., R. Samson., F. Mbikwa., U.W.A. Vitharana., P. Boeckx., M. Van Meirvenne. 2009. Biomonitoring of urban habitat quality by anatomical and chemical leaf characteristics, Environmental and Experimental Botany 65, 368-394. Article Type: Research Article Keywords: passive biomonitoring, herb, air pollution, geostatistical analysis, leaf area per mass.
  • January, 2005; Report and presentation of environmental impact assessment project for petroleum pipeline project, “The Chad Cameroon Pipeline Project”, Ghent University, Belgium.
  • October 20, 2008; “Can SMEs in Africa benefit from tackling climate change?” presented in the KTP Conference, Nairobi, Kenya, February, 2009.


December 2010, “7 Steps to Going Green: How to Make Green Claims that Lead to Effective Marketing”, Step ONE.

Business Magazine

Green Business Columnist for the quarterly Edmonton Business Talk WEBA Magazine.

Speaking Engagements, workshops and presentations

  • Edmonton Chamber of Commerce
  • Business Link videoed across Alberta
  • West Edmonton Business Association Luncheon
  • Condominium Association of Alberta
  • CDI College, Edmonton

Green Crusader provides a team uniquely positioned to provide the level of experience and expertise required to prepare and take your sustainability to the next level, ensuring social, financial and environmental benefits.

Our Vision

Green Crusader is committed to:

  • Inspire organizations to adopt a user-friendly, cost-effective and financially, socially and environmentally responsible practices to “go green”, no exceptions.
  • Empower through the sharing of knowledge, strategy, and experiences that empower all organizations, communities, and students to realize rewarding “green” change.
  • Transform entire organizations, schools and communities from taking “no rewarding green actions” to taking “rewarding green actions” that can guarantee the “greening” of organizations, without exceptions.

What We Do

  • Promote and sell your green products, services, initiatives, projects and success stories through Green Shopper Expo website and in shopping malls across Alberta.
  • Help you draw and implement a “green action plan” or sustainability plan that lead to effective marketing and prevent greenwashing.
  • Help you recycle, reuse, and reduce your waste, substituting with green alternatives as we implement your “green action plan”.
  • Educate, train and provide learning resources through through Green Business and Green School Programs in the form of workshops, presentations and events.
  • Develop a Green Catalog to educate the public on sustainability and provide a green directory for governments, organizations and individuals to source Eco-friendly products and services.