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Should we still Profile Former Premier Redford in the Next Edition of Afro-Canadian Magazine – Nelson Mandela Success Edition?!?

Alison Redford, former Premier of Alberta.
Source: Calgary Beacon
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We need your opinion, should we profile Alison Redford as a success story as already promoted for the next Edition of our magazine? Your thoughts?

Before your pick up the phone or jump on the key board, this is our take…

Success is not just about getting there but knowing when to leave when you get there.

Premier Redford’s resignation came as a big surprise to Albertans because she knows exactly when to leave the dance floor when the music is still on. In 2008, after being elected MLA for the constituency of Calgary-Elbow, she was appointed Minister of Justice and Attorney General by Premier Ed Stelmach.

She took the big leap into the dark and resigned from her comfortable cabinet position in early 2011 to lead a campaign to succeed Ed Stelmach as leader of the governing Progressive Conservative Party. This short leap came to an abrupt end on March 20th 2014 as it turn out not to be enough light to brighten her leap. She may however find enough light to re-leap her way back to premiership one day? What do you think?

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Name of Book Authors City
Coeur de Lionne Guy Armel Bayegnak Edmonton
Due Season To whom it may concern Fola Soboyejo Lethbridge
Jalomi  God has Renewed Me Dahilia Joan Ross Edmonton
From Lands of the Night Tololwa M. Mollel Edmonton
At Home with Jesus Chantel Paris Calgary
Colour Blind Uzoma Uponi Calgary
Whispers from Yesteryears Uzoma Uponi Calgary
Authority of the Excellent Name of Jesus Humprey O. Akparah Calgary
The Amazing Power of Grace Humprey O. Akparah Calgary

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