DSC_4576Can you Sell Your Way to Success?

Certificates, diplomas and degrees are they enough recipes for success?

In 2011, Kathryn Fasegha wrote, directed and produced the first film made by an African to be projected in cinemas across Canada. Deo Gahiza won the 2010 African Entrepreneur of the Year Award and made the top 1% in the very competitive real estate industry. Hanson Boakai signed his first professional soccer contract with Edmonton FC at 17 years old. Lawyer Evelyn Ackah was Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 for 2010. What successes have you accomplished in your career or business? What core skills made that possible?


In a capitalist society such as Canada’s, our livelihood depends on our ability to sell. Whether you are in government, private or non-profit sectors, every job you do is only possible because someone made a sale. That is: a sale was made to attract investment to create the project you work on; to get funds to pay wages for the position you currently occupy; to acquire capital to produce products and services that you manufacture, sell, or deliver; the list goes on and on.


Although every single profession relies on sales, most of us are absolutely horrible at it. In fact we hate it! If for one second you doubt this, think of the countless dollars and hours spent on programs to earn certificates, diplomas or degrees that have no selling components. Going through a program may be a good start but you need to do more at completion. It is up to you to grasp the need and acquire the skill of selling yourself. Despite the fact that we were pronounced successful at the end of these programs, the critical life skill is to sell to others the confidence that we can help them with the knowledge that we acquired. Needless to mention years spent gaining valuable work experience which is not well presented when we try to transfer these valuable skills into our main sales document – our resumes.


In fact, most of us fall short of crafting our experiences into a web of interconnected short stories, which we can then merge into one great, exciting, and captivating story – the most powerful tool to sell ourselves. It may be to sell a new project, find a new job, ask for a raise, or attract an investment; our sales ability is repeatedly tested but many times only prove to be a shadow of our true value.


Who lights a lamp and places it under the table? Ladies and gentlemen, go out there and start to sell such that you start to succeed. This edition of Afro-Canadian Magazine is themed “success”, to share stories of those who have been successful at selling themselves, as a matter of fact, effective at getting the golden words, ”You Are Hired!”

The thinking points that arise from this article are: Yes you need to go out there and sell yourself, but, do you have the ability to sell? To whom should you sell to? Where and when do you sell?


Green Crusader


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